FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I notice a fair number of questions that get asked over and over. You’d almost think nobody checks to see if someone else has already asked before them. This page will get updated regularly.

Last updated: 24dec2016

  1. Why doesn’t my code format right on Xamarin Forums?
    1. The Xamarin forum does a pretty decent job of trying to guess that your text is actually pasted in code. But if you don’t tell it that a given block is meant to be code, then it’s still guessing. Xamarin Forums uses markdown for adding tags and such to comments/posts. You will see a link to an article on markdown on the Xamarin Forms page where you are making the comment. But I find this one to be more complete.
    2. When you are entering code, tag it as such with three backticks (on the tilde key) on a line by itself above your code, and again below your code. Optionally including the coding language name
  2. iOS Remote Simulator for Windows
    1. As of late 2016 the remote simulator requires an Enterprise license of VS2015. So if you’re used to this working in your Community Edition of Visual Studio and now doesn’t, that’s probably why. There are several alternatives. The simplest (and yes, free) is to just run the simulator on your Mac and remote into the Mac with VNC or some other remote viewing/controlling software. There’s plenty of article on how to remotely access your Mac from Windows such as this one.
    2. UPDATE. As of December 2017 the iOS remote Simulator is available to all versions of Visual Studio 2017.
    3. iOS remote simulator is not part of the Visual Studio installer. It is its own package you download from Xamarin. This package is still in development and updates now and again and you don’t get notices of it updating through Visual Studio, so check the Xamarin page maybe once a month.
    4. Once you’ve installed it (and restarted Visual Studio) you still need to turn it on. Tools | Options | Xamarin | iOS Settings then check the box.
    5. More details about the options such as mocking the GPS location can be found on the Xamarin site.