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The migration of RedPillXamarin is done. We are now fully propagated and moved into the new hosting servers. Additionally plug-ins for things like presenting nicely parsed code snippets are installed and working: Hurray!

I’ve gone through the existing pages and fixed some of the side-effects of moving and applying a new theme, such as red type on a blue background being impossible to read.

The migration did loose some of the formatted code that was in place. Sorry about that. One point to screen captures of code.

There have been some significant changes to the Xamarin eco-system in the last year – such as PCL being deprecated in favor of .NET Standard. I’ve decided to start 2018 with a completely new learning solution. The existing articles are still valuable and to a great degree still applicable. But moving forward I want to… well… move forward. Holding on to the past with VS2015 or PCL projects isn’t what you came here for. You want to be on the cutting edge and so do I.

So while you’re enjoying the holidays and throwing snowballs I’m going to get started on a whole new solution for you to embark upon after you wake up from that Christmas Feast food coma.

Merry Christmas – Have a fun and safe holiday season!